Neverafter is a bimonthly dark fantasy LARP that transports you to a world of twisted fairytales and folklore. But what exactly does that mean? What can you expect from a Neverafter event?

At Neverafter, you take the role of a person from our normal, everyday world who has been mysteriously transported to a land of myth and folklore. The world you find yourself in, a seemingly endless wilderness filled with horrifying creatures and incredible wonders, is as dark as it is dangerous. The Neverafter is a strange and terrifying place, so you can expect themes of horror and dread interwoven with the fantastical at any given event. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. As much as the Neverafter is dark and unknowable, there’s plenty of beauty and awe striking wonder to behold within the world. It’s a place where myth and folklore come alive, and that includes all the good that can come with it. 

Using the strange new skills and abilities that this place has given you, it’s up to you and your fellow unexpected travellers to survive in this strange world. From there, the choice is yours. Do you try to escape and find your way home? Do you attempt to make the best of your new life, surviving as best as you can? Do you try and thrive in this dark world of magic and myth, carving out a legend for yourself in the process? It’s all up to you. 

The kinds of people drawn into the Neverafter are numerous. You can be anything from a student to a CEO, from an average joe to an acclaimed celebrity. Of course, most people in today’s society don’t practice swordsmanship or mystical arts, so how is it that your 9 to 5 businessman can suddenly wield a pair of daggers with impeccable skill?

Something about the journey to the Neverafter changes people. While everything about them remains intact, personality, history, and so on, you and your fellow travellers find yourselves with a set of skills you likely never had in your old lives. In some cases, the correlation is easy to see. A professional chef can suddenly make dishes that do more than just fill stomachs, a chemistry student can combine the strange components found in the Neverafter to create fantastical alchemical concoctions, and so on. In other cases, however, the skills and knowledge granted are things that were once completely alien to the person receiving them. A police officer is suddenly adept at using a sword and shield, an avid hiker can now command earth and stone with potent magics, etc. What this means is that your character isn’t limited to their real world skills and abilities once they enter the Neverafter. You want your fashion blogger to be skilled with a bow and conjure fire with a snap of their fingers? Go for it!

If you’d like more information on what kinds of abilities your character can have, as well as information on how to build a character for your first event, you can check out our rulebook here. The character submission form, backstory submission form, and content survey (which lets us know what kind of horror content you’re comfortable with experiencing) can be found under the Contact tab above. We look forward to seeing what you can cook up for us, and hope to see you at our next event!

Welcome to the other side.