Our Covid Safety Policy is as follows:

As we make preparations to return to in-person games in 2022, we understand that COVID-19 is still a serious health issue in the US and that we need to take precautions in order to minimize the risk of an outbreak at our events. As such, we have decided to require proof of vaccination at all Eternal Pizza Party Productions, Inc events. In order to attend, you must be fully vaccinated with a booster. You must either present your vaccine card at sign-in, which must indicate either 3 doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or 2 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or provide another verification of vaccination as accepted at the discretion of the game’s director. At this time, we unfortunately cannot offer exemptions from this policy for any reason. Additionally, masks must be properly worn in all in-door spaces unless you are sleeping. At this time, masks are required while in combat outside, but may be removed while not in combat. Players should not draw attention to the fact that characters are wearing masks, as one of the purposes of a LARP is to escape from the stress of everyday life, including that caused by the pandemic.

Furthermore, and we cannot state this enough, if you feel sick or are showing any symptoms which may indicate you have COVID, do not come to an event. If the staff of an event feels that your presence may pose a risk to the health of the staff or player base, they will ask you to leave.  We know it always sucks to miss out on a LARP event, but it is so incredibly important to watch out for each other during what we hope is the tail-end of this pandemic.

Remember to take care of yourselves, and we’ll see you all later this year!