The following is our schedule for 2023: 

January 11-12: A Simply Delightful Party
April 14-16: Titanic Trials (French Creek State Park, Camp 1)
May 26-28: The Enemy Inside (French Creek State Park, Camp 1)
July 8th : Awaken the Master (Ridley Creek State Park, Pavilion 014)
Aug 18-20: Destination Unknown (French Creek State Park, Camp 1)
Sept 22-24: Deep Down Beneath (French Creek State Park, Camp 2)
Nov 10-12: Gatecrash (Camp Kettle Run)

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Deep Down Beneath

The Windfallen find themselves on the shores of the Greater Lake, the misty isle of Avalon at its center. Somewhere beneath these waters, the Lady of the Lake’s forge waits for them: their first step in removing the curse that locks Arthur and his knights in eternal slumber. But something else waits beneath those waters. Something… hungry.

Come join us for our September 2023 event!

Neverafter Event
NPC Shift (Please provide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice)