The following is our schedule for 2020. All events are subject to change based on the ongoing health concerns in PA.

January 18th: The Arcadian Affair
April 11th: The Shackled Horseman
May 15-17: An Old Friend
July 10-12: Of Fire and Chains
August 21-23: On the Banks of Mortality
September 18-20: Siege of Steel
October 17-19: The Terrible Burden of Memory

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The Terrible Burden of Memory

In an unnamed village, an ancient well that holds no water threatens to cause a flood. Lights and mist begin to engulf the weary settlers and their home once more. In the distance, a ragged man wails in anguish as his very being begins to unravel.

Join us on our Discord server for the October 2020 Neverafter event! See our Facebook page for additional details.

Neverafter Event
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