We expect to have our full 2024 dates by mid March at the latest. For now, our winter 1-day event will be: 

February 3rd: Not So Nimble, Not So Quick (Buzz Ware Village Center, Arden, DE)

This event will be non-combat, so please leave your weapons and shields at home. Information on the potluck for this event will be posted to our Facebook page and Discord server.

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Not So Nimble, Not So Quick

Jack (yes, THAT Jack), an ally of the town and member of the Black Forest Hunters, has been captured by the tyrannical Council of Queens and put on trial for (among other things) treason! Now it is up to the Windfallen to come to his defense! Can they save their ally from the headsman’s axe? And what of this Black Sheep Market hosting the trial during their “Winter Frostival?”

Come join us for our 2024 Winter 1-day event!

Neverafter Event
NPC Shift (Please provide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice)