The following is our schedule for 2020. All events are subject to change based on the ongoing health concerns in PA.

January 18th: The Arcadian Affair
April 11th: The Shackled Horseman
May 15-17: An Old Friend
July 10-12: Rampant Flame
August 21-23: On the Banks of Mortality
September 25-27: (Name pending)
October 17-19: (Name pending)

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The Shackled Horseman

Hoofbeats resound across the dark, misty landscape. A cry for help sounds from a shining white city, beset on all sides by stone and spectres. A name rings out through the night air and a heartbeat suddenly stops.

Join us for our first pay-what-you-want online event! See our Facebook page at Neverafter Community for more details on registering.

In order to donate to this event, please use the PayPal link found on our Donate page.

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